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Material Science Quiz 4

1. Thermoplastic materials are those materials which
2. Shock resisting steels should have
3. An eutectoid steel consists of
4. Which of the following material has maximum ductility?
5. The quenching of steel from the upper critical point results in a fine grained structure.
6. When the steel is normalised, its
7. An alloy steel which is work hardenable and which is used to make the blades of bulldozers, bucket wheel excavators and other earth moving equipment contain iron, carbon and
8. Which of the following has a fine gold colour and is used for imitation jewellery?
9. White cast iron has a high tensile strength and a low compressive strength.
10. Cast iron is a
11. Silicon bronze contains
12. Manganese bronze has
13. The slag from the blast furnace
14. Which of the following is a point imperfection?
15. The process in which carbon and nitrogen both are absorbed by the metal surface to get it hardened is known as
16. The cutting tools are made from
17. The maximum solubility of carbon in austenite is 1.7% at 1130° C.
18. In a close packed hexagonal space lattice, there are
19. Iron-carbon alloys containing 4.3% carbon are known as hypo-eutectic cast irons.
20. The approximate height of a blast furnace is
Material Science Quiz 4
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