Formula for converting cc/rev to LPM.

The formula for converting “cc/rev to LPM” is quite simple. But before knowing just one formula, the basic concept must be understood. cc/rev (centimeter cube per revolution) is a general term in a hydraulic system for the displacement capacity of a pump. While LPM (liter per minute) is the flow rate of hydraulic fluid.

For converting cc/rev to LPM we need pump speed or in other words, the number of revolution of the pump in one minute.

cc/rev to LPM (centimeter cube per revolution to Liter per minute)

cc/rev to LPM

The diagram shows a fixed displacement pump having 90 cc/rev displacement capacity. Q indicates the flow rate of the pump and P indicates the power of the pump.

Now, suppose the pump is rotating with the speed of 2222 RPM.

Flow = (Displacement x RPM)/1000

Flow is in Liter per minute (LPM), Displacement is cc per revolution while RPM is rotation per minute.

Q = (90 x 2222)/1000 = 200 l/min (approx).

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