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Material Science Quiz 8

1. In spheroidising process, the steel is
2. The percentage carbon content in wrought iron is about
3. The alloying element which reduces the formation of iron sulphide in steel is
4. In high speed steels, manganese is used to tougher the metal and to increase its
5. The machinability of aluminium increases when __________ is added to aluminium.
6. Nickel when added to copper improves
7. In the lower part of the blast furnace (zone of fusion), the temperature is
8. Which of the following impurity in cast iron promotes graphite nodule formation and increases the fluidity of the molten metal?
9. Inconel contains
10. In a hardening process, the hypo-eutectoid steel is
11. Manganese is added in low carbon steel to
12. Beryllium bronze contains
13. The portion of the blast furnace below its widest cross-section is called
14. Gamma-iron occurs between the temperature range of
15. The ratio of the volume occupied by the atoms to the total volume of the unit cell is called
16. The property of a material which enables it to retain the deformation permanently, is called
17. Sulphur in cast iron
18. Cementite consist of
19. Chromium when added to steel __________ the tensile strength.
20. Which of the following is added in low carbon steels to prevent them from becoming porous?
Material Science Quiz 8
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