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Material Science Quiz 7

1. According to Indian standard specifications, cast iron designated by 'FG 150' means
2. The red flame during the operation of a bessemer converter indicates that the
3. Phosphor bronze has
4. In the austempering process of heat treatment, austenite changes into
5. Which of the following material has maximum malleability?
6. Which of the following property is desirable in parts subjected to shock and impact loads?
7. The bond formed by transferring electrons from one atom to another is called
8. Body centred cubic space lattice is found in
9. Corrosion resistance of steel is increased by adding nickel and chromium.
10. Grey cast iron is __________ than white cast iron.
11. When a low carbon steel is heated upto lower critical temperature,
12. Ball bearings are, usually, made from
13. The silicon steel is widely used for
14. The metal suitable for bearings subjected to heavy loads, is
15. Babbit metal is a
16. Aluminium has low density and addition of silicon improves its fluidity and therefore, its castability.
17. Which of the following property is desirable for materials used in tools and machines?
18. The compressive strength of cast iron is __________ that of its tensile strength.
19. When a steel containing less than 0.8% carbon is cooled slowly from temperatures above or within the critical range, it consists of
20. Eutectoid reaction occurs at
Material Science Quiz 7
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