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Material Science Quiz 6

1. Cast iron has
2. The nuts and bolts are made from silicon steel.
3. Silicon in cast iron
4. The process which improves the machinability of steels, but lowers the hardness and tensile strength, is
5. Which of the following iron exists at 910° C?
6. A steel alloy containing 36% nickel is called
7. The addition of manganese to aluminium improves corrosion resistance.
8. The temperature point at which the change ends on heating the steel is called
9. The process of inducing carbon to __________ carbon steels in order to give it a hard surface is known as carburising.
10. Which of the following solids are malleable and ductile?
11. Thermosetting plastics are those materials which
12. Nichrome contains more iron than Inconel.
13. German silver contains
14. The machine tool guide ways are usually hardened by
15. Monel metal contains
16. A fine grained steel
17. Babbit metal contains
18. When a steel containing more than 0.8% carbon is cooled slowly below the lower critical point, it consists of
19. Which of the following inpurity in cast iron makes it hard and brittle?
20. Connecting rod is, usually, made from
Material Science Quiz 6
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