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Material Science Quiz 5

1. The hardness is the property of a material due to which it
2. The percentage of carbon in cast iron varies from
3. Malleable cast iron is produced
4. Smelting is the process of
5. The ability of a material to absorb energy in the plastic range is called
6. A material is said to be allotropic, if it has
7. Closed packed hexagonal space lattice is found in
8. The hardness and tensile strength in austenitic stainless steel can be increased by
9. Brass is an alloy of
10. A steel with 0.8% carbon and 100% pearlite is called
11. A steel is heated at about 875° C where the structure consists of entirely austenite. It is then cooled suddenly at a temperature of about 250° C to 525° C. This process of heat treatment is known as
12. The casting ability of aluminium increases when __________ is added to aluminium.
13. Muntz metal (Yellow brass) contains
14. Which of the following is a mesomorphous material?
15. In a face centred cubic space lattice, there are
16. Admirality gun metal contains
17. The percentage of phosphorus is phosphor bronze is
18. For the pipe fitting like elbow, tee, union etc., which of the following is preferred?
19. Chilled cast iron is produced
20. Silicon is added in low carbon steels to
Material Science Quiz 5
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