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Material Science Quiz 3

1. Nodular cast iron is produced by adding __________ to the molten cast iron.
2. The property of a material due to which it breaks with little permanent distortion, is called
3. The cupola is used to manufacture
4. The type of space lattice found in gamma-iron is
5. Free carbon in iron makes the metal
6. Dye penetrant method is generally used to locate
7. The unit cells
8. The charge is fed into the blast furnace through the
9. A small percentage of boron is added to steel in order to
10. Specify the sequence correctly
11. The property of a material necessary for forgings, in stamping images on coins and in ornamental work, is
12. The phosphorus and sulphur in steel making can be removed by using basic bessemer process.
13. Which of the following statement is wrong?
14. In corrosion resistant properties, bronzes are __________ to brasses.
15. In acidic bessemer process, the furnace is lined with
16. The iron ore mostly used for the production of pig iron is
17. A carbon steel having Brinell hardness number 100 should have ultimate tensile strength closer to
18. The steel widely used for making precision measuring instruments is
19. The ductility is the property of a material due to which it
20. The essential constituent of a hardened steel is
Material Science Quiz 3
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