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Pressure ratio in open liquid

In previous page we saw enclosed liquid but if the liquid is open then what happen.

Fig. 3 Pressure ratio in open liquid

Fig. 3 Pressure ratio in open liquid

Open liquid does not behave like a enclosed liquid. In this picture there are three different shaped vessels filled with different level but at the same level of water pressure will always be same irrespective of shape but pressure will increase at the bottom if level will increase. Similarly, pressure at closer to the surface level will be lower.

So, Pressure ratio will be same in open liquid at the same level irrespective of shape. Means in an open hydraulic system gravity acts for pressure creation but in a closed hydraulic circuit gravity is neglected due to small values as compare to pressure created by applied force over area.

But Wait before ending this post, a question must arose in your mind that in a closed system by force multiplication we can lift more bigger load by a small efforts. So, are we doing less work on effort piston and getting more work from load piston? Isn’t it a violation if conservation of energy theorem?

So, go to next page and see the interesting answer.

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